• Update: 22/01/2021


Principal’s Note

Respected Parents and Guardians

Assalam-o-Alaikum & Greetings!

We value your patience and support during this unprecedented and challenging time. While the world witnessed this pandemic which led to closure of most educational institutes across the globe, DHACSS with its finest team effectively transformed itself from regular to virtual / online learning. This phase, though, was difficult but managed with the help of your continued support.

Now as per Government of Pakistan’s decision a phased reopening of DHACSS Institutes (DIs) is on its way. We are aware that Pre-Primary and Primary students have not seen the Schools for a long time. However, we were more concerned regarding their exposure to this pandemic. Now that we have ample preparation and learning to tackle the pandemic with both active and passive measures, this segment of students will also be able to come back to school life effective from 1 February 2020. Resumption of academic activities for classes will be as follows:-

Phase- I           –          Start of academic session for class IX – X wef 18 Jan 2021

Phase- II          –          Start of academic session for Pre-Primary up-to class VIII wef 1 Feb 2021 .

Since the pandemic is not fully over therefore, our main concern must always, be the minimization of risk to children, families and staff. Hence, all COVID Standing Operating Procedures (SOPs) will be in place. While our DIs will follow strict SOPs, we expect you to educate your wards to follow suit. In this regard your cooperation is of utmost importance. Pursuance, to COVID SOPs, a timetable will be shared later which further outlines the available learning days (both online / regular) for each class. This is being done to maintain social distance between students.

Keeping in view the limited available time of learning, we have balanced our routine syllabus curriculum to a well-planned and worthwhile syllabus for all classes. Examination syllabus for classes IX & X will be according to revised syllabus by Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK).

Following guidelines are to be followed by all students:-

  • Students should come in proper& clean winter uniform with polished shoes. He / she should wear ID Card.
  • Students have to wear a face mask in school and carry a couple of extra face masks in their bags, along with a small sanitizer bottle.
  • Since we are not allowing our canteens to operate for availability of snacks due to obvious reasons therefore, we expect parents / guardians to send their wards with homemade snacks and water bottle.
  • God forbid, if your child, or anyone else in your family, shows COVID – 19 symptoms (high temperature, coughing or lack of smell or taste), you should not send him / her to School, but should instead follow government guidance related to testing and isolation. You should call us at School for advice. If your child develops symptoms at School, he / she will be sent home immediately and government guidance should be followed.
  • Arrival and departure from School may be staggered for which you will be informed. Social distancing by parents / guardians is expected during dropping and picking your ward from institute. Use of public transport may be minimized or ensure that driver is following the COVID – 19 SOPs.
  • Principal and other related staff are always available to talk to on telephone. Therefore, personal meeting other than the exceptional event are not recommended due to COVID – 19 SOPs.

I thank you for your continuous support.

Profound regards


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