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DHACSS Beachview Campus

DHA College and School System (DHACSS) Beachview Campus has long operated as a prestigious constituent of the Defence Housing Authority’s link of educational institutions. The institute was established in 1989, initially starting out as a minor pre-primary level school. However, over time it has advanced and excelled and today it stands as a state-of- the-art high school institute, offering classes up to matriculation. The institution is Segmented into two campuses: The Junior Campus and the Senior Campus. The Senior Campus encompasses two segregated wings—one exclusively for male students, and the other solely for female students.

DHA College and School System (DHACSS) Beachview Campus has been registered as a high school with the Board of Secondary Education Karachi, since the year 2014. The institution offers a variety of subject groups, including a General Group which was introduced in 2016 in addition to the pre-existing Science group.

By the infinite Grace of Allah Almighty, the year 2023 has been a fruitful and memorable academic year for the school. Out of the aggregate of 150 students of Class IX-X who registered as examinees with the Board of Secondary Education Karachi (BSEK), an astounding percentage of 100% successfully cleared the exams. Out of these successful candidates, 41 students secured A1 Grade, and 30 secured A Grade, bringing laurels to the school. However, a few students in particular were truly the feather in the cap of the institution. Fatima Aqeel and Mariam Aqeel secured 1st position, by acquiring 91.27% in Science Group; and 6 more students also scored 90% and above. Last but not the least, Rukhsar Ameer from the school’s General Group obtained 1st position among all DHACSS institutions, by scoring 85.27%. Additionally,

DHACSS Beachview Campus is extremely proud of the outstanding success of two of their capable alumni who have continued to make their school proud with their commendable academic achievements at intermediate level; Yusra Ejaz, a remarkable alumni of the school’s Science Group and a pure product of the school from Montessori level, went on to secure 1st position in the 2023 BIEK exams, in Pre-Medical Group, throughout all of Karachi. Following suit was another of the school’s talented alumni, Zahra Mohibullah, who has brought further prestige to her alma mater by obtaining 2nd position in the 2023 BIEK Commerce Group exams.